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Re: Audi Toolbox

> > *  Dremel tool (exhaust work) - cutoff wheels
> Is that what I call an "angle grinder"?

A Dremel is a high speed rotary tool that accepts various attachments 
such as small cutting wheels, drills, grinding stones, etc.  There
is also a flexible shaft attachment you can use to get into tight
spots.  It's just the thing for cutting off rounded bolts, slicing,
dicing, etc.

> > *  6mm hex wrench with cutoff  shortened arm (clutch master)
> Don't remember using one when I switched mine out.  LHD only?

Also the same for the clutch slave I think.
> This would be a good thing for someone's home pages.  Anyone finds they
> need soething that isn't on it - email the keeper.

I'll add it to the as-yet-unavailable tech pages. 

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