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Interchangable parts

Is there a comprehensive list of interchangable parts? Having played
around (and studied) water-cooled VWs I'm pretty good at knowing what
parts are interchangable for them but what about Audi? I haven't seen
this sort of thing in the archives but it sounds valuable now that many
project Audi's are in the 10 to 15 year old range. Parts will start
getting more expensive and harder to come by. Knowing interchangability
will become quite an asset.
 As an example, I need a rear deck lid (not the hatch or boot) for my
1981 Scirocco S - factory price if you get one from Germany - $400 U.S.
This is for a piece of particle board with carpet on it! Old car = no
new parts or $$$$$
Anton J. Gaidos, III
PC Design
Motorola Computer Group
"The fortunate man knows how much he can safely leave to chance"