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RE: 89 200 Turbo problems

Does not apply to the 3B engine in the 91 200q - remove the dipstick and the 
oil cap and it will have no effect.

mike miller
91 200q

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Subject: 	Re: 89 200 Turbo problems

>  Will the same thing happen if you loosen the oil filler cap?
>  Berthann
>  5000cstq, 125k and counting
>   >>
> No, the car should stall ALWAYS when you pull the oil cap off....  Here is
> the secret.  The idle stabilizer circuit can compensate for the oil dipstick
> pull,  the engine will lose rpm, then the ISV will recover....  If there is
> another leak (or you pull the oil cap) you have created too much of an air
> leak, and the ISV can't compensate for it....  Car stalls
> Scott

   Is that on all engines or just turbo's?  I can take the cap off of my
'86 Coupe GT's I5 and watch the camshaft spin happily around!! I hope I
don't have a problem!!??! No wise cracks please - Audi related prob.'s
only  ;)