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Re: (was) Sunroof blues (is) Window reg blues

In a message dated 97-02-17 10:38:35 EST, you write:

<< What did you spray on the windows to make them better?
 Where? >>
I didn't spray the windows...I removed the door panels and degreased and
re-lubed the channel that the window moves up and down on...very gummed up. I
also removed 2 screws for the motor (to regulator) and squirted some tri-flow
into the motor brush/bearing area...(was stuck in the up position for quite a
while, hence the gummed up grease). Then I beat on the motor with the back of
a screwdriver handle while trying to get it to run with the window switch
(already verified okay by substitution with another)...low and behold the
sucker started working...and now works great! Made my day not having to drop
around $150.00 for a window regulator I thought for sure I had to buy!!!
Crude I'll admit...but when it works crude can be effective!

Mike Veglia
85 4kq (with everything 'cept seat heaters now working!!! They are next)