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Daytona 500 redux

     Sorry to waste the bandwith with NASCAR stuff, but for you NASCAR fans out
there....I have a new respect for "the man" Dale Earnhardt!  For those of you
who didn't see it, you missed a great race.  But, Dale took the cake when he an
d Jeff Gordon (the winner) were both going into a turn.  Dale got pushed into
the outer wall and lost control of the vehicle.  His car literally spun around,
flipped over, and landed back on it's wheels on the other side of the track.
It was a pretty specatcular wreck and it looked like his day was over.  The amb
ulance and crew went over immediately to see if he was OK.  Dale Earnhardt was
helped out of the car and onto the back of the ambulance where they proceded to
check him over and see if he was OK.  Then, Dale, looking at his mangled car no
ticed that it still had four wheels on it, and asked one of the crew members to
see if it would crank.  The crew member got in, and it cranked right up!  Earnh
ardt got out of the back of the ambulance, told the crew guy to "Get out of the
re, I'm gettin' in!", and he proceded to just that.  He drove the car around th
e tarck and into pit lane.  The crew duct taped the car up as best they could (
so at least the body panels weren't flappin' in the wind).  And, Dale Earnhardt
went back out there and finnished the race!  Of course he finnished towards the
back of the pack, but this was one of the coolest things I have seen in NASCAR
recently, and this goes to show you what kinda guy Dale Earnhardt is!  I have a
lways liked Earnhardt, but I now have even a deeper respect for him after this
weekend.  Sorry, to waste the bandwith, but I just thought I'd let y'all know t
hat NASCAR ain't all half bad!