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[Fwd: Re: Steering Wheel/Ign. Housing on 86CGT]

> When you put the wheel back, don't forget to centre the indicator stalk before
> pushing the wheel home.  It's easy to knock the stalk when you're grovelling,
> and equally easy to smash the self-cancelling mechanism by pushing the wheel
> down on top of the lugs.

  I'm not having any luck getting the indicator/high beam stalk OFF!  It
seems to be stuck on the left hand side. I feel like plastic is about to
brake. What is that and how do I get it off/apart? Anyone, Anyone? I can
pull the round piece of plastic(attached to the stalk around the
spindle/shaft) only till it's tilted at about 15-20 degrees away from
the plane perpendicular to the steering shaft, then feeling of broken
plastic if taken any further. How do I remove indicator/high beam stalk?