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Audi Toolbox

In message <TCPSMTP.> frankbauer@scvgvine.com writes:

>>> *  6mm hex wrench with cutoff  shortened arm (clutch master)

>> Don't remember using one when I switched mine out.  LHD only?

> i've got one - i think i originally made it to remove the timing belt
> cover on my jetta.  no it was to hold the shaft while removing the
> strut nut and had to fit into the window i cut (with a dremel tool) in
> a 22mm deep socket.  i realized its multiple uses later.  =8)

Both uses make sense.

We seem to have another terminology difference.  What you guys seem to
refer to as a "box wrench" is what I would call a "ring spanner".

A "box spanner", to me, is a tubular affair that fits over a nut or
bolt head like a deep socket, but you drive it with a bar pushed
through it.  The thing is hollow, and the other end fits another size
of nut.  No American tool catalogue I've ever seen has had them.

I could achieve your strut manipulations simply by using a 22mm "box
spanner" and driving it from the outside of the other end with an
adjustable, inserting a 6mm Allen driver on a medium length
extension straight through the middle.  No need to manufacture anything.

 Phil Payne

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