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Training Manual Wanted!

I've been searching high & low for the Training Manual for the 1986 Audi
Model Year Change Information.  I curently have a copy of a copy (Thanks
Dave!) but want the real thing.  I've managed to track down the part
number, but I can't order it anywhere.  I'm _fairly_ sure this is _not_
a Bentley publication.  I was able to order a manual for the CIS-E
training stuff from VW of America, but they couldn't do anything for the
86 book.  I've talked to a few dealers, they all tell me to call VW of A
(including Linda.)  Finally called Audi customer satisfaction, they
couldn't help, but said I might want to talk to the Quattro Club, would
I like the number...  So, anyhow, anybody know where I might be able to
find this manual?  Thanks to anyone who can help!!

BTW, they also gave me an address to "The Audi Club" in Salt Lake City,
& she said they work with older cars.  It was a P.O. Box, with the
attention of one Allan Crawford.  Anyone hear of these guys?

'87 5kCS TQ (Fort Collins, Colorado)
'84 5kS (Boulder, Colorado)
'90 80 (Bethesda, Maryland)