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Re: Stabilant

All the talk of Stabilant has piqued my curiosity. No doubt a great contact
cleaner and protectant...buuut $50.00??? As a consumer electronic tech. one
of my most important "tools" has always been good contact cleaners. There are
many grades and typed available to the industry. In my experience the best
product I have ever seen or heard of is made by Caig Laboratories and is
called Cramolin. This product comes in different dilution ratios and
varieties...in the field it is simply red to clean and restore contacts, blue
to preserve. The product comes in concentrated form in little bottles, and in
a more diluted form in aerosol form. This product has been repackaged and
sold for years at exhorbatant prices through high-end audio dealers for
direct application to cable connections-audiophiles say they hear the
difference but I'm not so sure...

Bottom line is this...Cramolin is the best contact
cleaner/restorer/preserving product I have ever seen or used working as a
repair technician for more than 20 years in a marine air climate. Not just a
little better...but miles ahead of anything else I have tried. It isn't
inexpensive either though, but the variety of types for different
applications is a good thing. A generic version (same vendor) is available
from MCM electronics who have been meantioned in the past (by Igor?). No
personal interest aside from being a satisfied customer and consumer of this
product for many years. Another product that protects electrical contacts is
Boeshield developed by Boeing (any comments from our Boeing listers???) which
is available at all marine supply stores (West Marine comes to mind).

Stabilant sounds like a very good product, but a bit pricey if there are
cheaper and perhaps better alternatives. My usualy wordy .02 worth...

Mike Veglia
85 4kq (electrical connections protected with Cramolin)