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Re: FS: '91 200 TQ 20V Wagon.

> From:          gregsj@mail.imm.com
> Date:          Mon, 17 Feb 1997 19:18:57 -0800 (PST)
> Subject:       FS: '91 200 TQ 20V Wagon.
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net

> Hmmmmmmmm. '91 Audi 200 TQW's with 48K miles don't sell for thirteen 
> large and change. Surely the seller has heard of the Kelly Blue or 
> NADA books... he's below wholesale. I hate to be so darn cynical, but 
> I'm a front row student of the "if it sounds too good to be true, it 
> is" school of hard knocks. Proceed with caution! GregJ
>  I more than agree with you here Greg ..But!   I have noticed that 
every time I go to CA and check used prices of Audi's, they are 
always WAY, WAY  below book value. I agree that this 20V owner should know 
what he's got but then again the '91 200 20v sedan that I drove out 
there last year at this time- (if any of you listers remember, I had 
Dan Hussey post about this car as I was not on the list at the time)- 
was in beautiful shape-jet black-, drove perfect, original owner etc, 
etc, 75K mi. was selling for $12,500!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously tried to figure 
out a way to buy this car and bring it back here to Colo. and sell it 
for ~$17,500. That's why I had it  posted to the list because it WAS 
an incredible deal. As soon as the guy caught wind of what he really 
could sell the car for, it was gone within 6 hours. Oh well!

     As far as this wagon goes, I've only seen pictures of it but I'd 
rather have an enthusiast like one of us own the car than some moron 
that's just going to beat it up. Maybe one of our CA listers could 
check it out and report back?  Later,
  Chad Clark