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Re: BAD BlauD.

> >I generally hear good things about Blau but have heard only one critisism
> of them, relating (oh well) to spark plugs
> Needless to say, I don't plan on doing any business with Blau in the future....

      I too had a bad experience with Blau. and just thought I'd let 
the list know. I had Jim @ Blau promise me a used, uncracked exhaust 
manifold for my 5k TQ. Jim said he had two in stock. Great, send one 
immediately. One week goes by, I call and Jim says "Well the one we 
pulled off the car was cracked" Ok whatever, send the other one that 
you have in stock. One week goes by, I call and he says he's sorry 
but the one they just pulled from another 5k TQ is also cracked. So I 
asked him 1) Why have you not called me and at least let me know 
this? 2) What's with the story about having them in stock and now I 
find out that you still have to pull them off the cars with which you 
do at your own convenience. Meanwhile my car is still sitting at the 
mechanics taking up space with the mechanic asking where the hell the 
exhaust manifold is.  Jim now promises that he can get me one within 
1 day-doesn't tell me his source this time. Guess what-ANOTHER WEEK
 GOES BY! 3 WEEKS!  Now I'm pissed. I called Jim and told him he needs help 
learning how to do business with good customers. 

         I found an uncracked pristine condition EM from Cali. that 
afternoon. I must say that I did have good luck with Blau up until 
this incident. An isolated incident? I don't know but guess who 
doesn't get my business now.  
 Chad Clark