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Coupe GT Ign. Sw. Module R/R

> Before you do that - check the indicator/wiper assembly.  One of the copper
> pins that go into the connectors you pulled off is secured in the back of the
> switch assembly only by one of the long screws holding the assembly on, and by
> the connector it plugs into.  It's a little L-shaped piece less than 1/4"
> long with a hole through it, and it's kept in place now only by friction.  If
> it drops out while you're waving the switch assembly about, you'll _never_
> debug the problems you get after reassembly.  Just push the mounting screws
> back through their holes, and check that one goes through and locates a little
> bit of copper.

   	Thank you for informing me of that potential mistake, but the copper
piece did not fall out and is quite secure. I will clean the switch and
make sure everything is in place before reassembly.
> Any further work on the steering column is a bench job.

	I see both bolts you refer to below, one is an Allen bolt(WHAT SIZE?)
and the other requires to be drilled out.  I still think that to get to
the ignition switch module(my ultimate goal) I have to remove the spring
held on by a washer jammed onto the steering shaft so that I then may
slide the aluminum housing off. Is that true? All help is appreciated!! 

> The whole upper steering column drops down. 

	I assume the whole upper steering column will drop down AFTER I REMOVE
THE TWO BOLTS, correct?!
 You need to unscrew the Allen
> (recess hex) screw on the diagonal bracket down on the left, and then drill off
> the head of the shear bolt on the right.  The stub of the shear bolt then
> screws out of the back of the hole.
> You'll need a new shear bolt when you replace it.

 	How neccessary is that?

> states that the upper and lower parts of the steering column should be clamped
> together with self-gripping pliers during reassembly.

	Ditto(How neccessary is that?)

					Allan('86 Coupe GT)