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91 200 TQW

Congratulations! You have one of 149. As you will see from my previous 
post, I thought the deal was too good to be 
true. You've gotten a marvelous car for an amazing price!

Chip it! I researched ECU upgrades until I was suffering from analysis 
paralysis. I _wanted to go with Ned_, we've had several conversations; 
he's a really nice guy; and we are co-members of the PNW Quattro 
group. In the end, I went with Hoppen Motorsport because his $395 
solution is $500 less than Ned's $895 (before the 10% Q-List 
discount). The quoted difference is 14HP and I decided to put the $500 
difference towards some Eurolites.

Run synthetic oil, keep an eye on the timing belt, and make sure the 
UFO's are kept clean; that the cooling scoops are wide open; and 
change the brake fluid once a year. Have Fun! GregJ.