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Audi Toolbox

Phil Payne wrote:

>A "box spanner", to me, is a tubular affair that fits over a nut or
>bolt head like a deep socket, but you drive it with a bar pushed
>through it.  The thing is hollow, and the other end fits another size
>of nut.  No American tool catalogue I've ever seen has had them.

I have a set of these, in oddball sizes from 21/32" to 1-7/16".  Very
inexpensive, from any hardware store in the US, but made like cr*p. 
Always called them "plumbers deep sockets", used primarily in pulling
the packing nuts from shower faucets.  The 1-3/32" size works well to
remove the threaded cap holding the shock absorber in the wheel bearing
housing.  Of course, w/ the special Audi tool, this can theoretically be
done w/ the car on its wheels?

>I could achieve your strut manipulations simply by using a 22mm "box
>spanner" and driving it from the outside of the other end with an
>adjustable, inserting a 6mm Allen driver on a medium length
>extension straight through the middle.  No need to manufacture anything.

Never thought of that!  Would the torque on the shaft be equivalent to
the torque measured on the nut, w/ extra drag from the guts of the

--Dave Weiss
    '86 4000 CS UnQ (sold to a friend who still talks to me)
    '89 200Q (gave its life for mine last year)
    '91 V8 5-spd
    '93 90 CS UnQ (wife's car)