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Re: Yeah right! (was: Love those Mustangs) (fwd)

To all listers,
	Sorry about the language and overall content in the post I sent to
Michael Bshara, I hope it causes no ill effects to the list and it's
innocent members. I hate to embark on immature and generally useless
arguments such as the Mustang quarrel, but I awoke(as I often do-I'm an
insomniac) from a terrible dream . . . and well, I felt a rebuttal was
in order. . .  Please don't consider myself troublesome and dangerous to
the good of the community . . .  I'm really harmless, just have a
problem sleeping and thus will often be grumpy and angry in the middle
of the night. I had been helped by so many of you and was hoping to
offer as much(which, next to many of you "pro's," wasn't that much) as I
could. I'm new to this so I have no idea of repercussions. I will e-mail
him directly and deal with it myself.
        Once again, I apologize for the language and hope to continue
receiving and giving(whenever I can) help from the list.
	Thank you for the BW and consideration,
					respectfully Allan