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Re: Wheels: TSW Stealth vs MSW Type 55

In a message dated 97-02-19 13:43:23 EST, you write:

<< Hello All -
 Well I've found out that the OZ Montecarlo Wheels I was lusting over
 don't fit an 87 5000CSQ  ;-(
 Now I'm looking at a choice of the TSW Stealth (which I prefer due to
 the lug nuts being covered for cleaning purposes) or the MSW Type 55
 (Which Eric Fletcher had nice things to say about regarding durability
 in  facing off with cavernous potholes.). Both are TUV approved. They
 are with $10 a wheel in price.
 Anybody have experience with either and would care to comment on the
 pros / cons of these choices?
 Thanks in Advance!
 Mark Aald >>
>From a construction perspective the type 55's, though durable, add to your
unsprung weight, they are heavy in comparison to most high performance
wheels...  The TSW is a better made wheel than the MSW, and though I haven't
weighed the Stealths, if they are anything like the Hokenheim R's, they will
be lighter than the 55's (a good thing)...  IN a 15X7 or a 16X7.5 application
(205/215 -60 15 or 205/55 -16 respectively), you really needn't worry about
the pothole factor.  If you went to a 225/50 16 maybe, but I still doubt
it...  17, your making coffee tables quickly.  I have run the BBS
lightweights in a 16X7.5 with a 205/55 tire for 3 years in Chicago/MI with no
pothole damage.....   Have one of the vendors weigh both wheels, and go that
route...  From a pure quality standpoint MSW is prolly low/est on the list,
but the cheapest.