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RE: Yeah right! (was: Love those Mustangs) (fwd)

LololololololololROFLLOLOLOLOLOLOL...allen that was NOT NICE...very efficient and to the point but definitely not nice...
96 A4q

From:  Allan Jones[SMTP:ampj@tiac.net]
Sent:  Wednesday, February 19, 1997 3:54 AM
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Subject:  Re: Yeah right! (was: Love those Mustangs) (fwd)

To whomever spewed forth diarrhea of the mouth . . . 

> Audi's are nothing more than euro-crap, infact they are pretty much the
> worst of the euro-shit out there. 

   Shows how much you know right off the bat!
> They desperately want to be mercedes or bmw's but lets face it, they are cheap, substitiutes for someone who
> doesn't want to lay down the cash for a bmw m series.

   Actually, Audi imitates NO ONE. They have so many automobile firsts
that Ford wouldn't, and doesn't, know where to start catching up, so
instead they try to show "forward thinking" by designing a STYLING JOKE
like the Taurus.
   And why are you driving a Mustang, because you don't "want to lay
down the cash" for a Viper or a Vette? (In other words: your "'Stang" is

> shit out of so many european pieces of shit in my Paxton 93 LX 5.0 its
> starting to get funny.
    Tough guy, huh? Faster off the line makes for a better car, huh?
Keep beating on that piece o' shit, it won't be around for long. Then it
will be real funny, almost as funny as the story about the tortoise and
the hare. Ever hear of that one, shmuck.

>   Awd?  that's compensation for a car that drives like
> shit and has the usual power of your average panzy euro-crap.

     Is it really? Compensation, huh?  Well, actually yes, only quattro
IS compensation for LACK OF GRIP in ALL situations, NOT for a car that
drives like shit(which would be Ford's outdated rear beam axle Cobra)
and whatever other verbal diarrhea you were spewing. . . . . .

>I can't believe you are even going to compare an Audi to a Mustang SVO. 

     Neither can I.  Like I said before, Ford is NOT EVEN IN THE SAME

> aren't even real cars, my grandmother has a friggin' Audi! 

     So your family's not all a bunch of idiots.

                                    Just had to do it.