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Re: Tail-gating

Komljanec, Tony wrote:
> Allan Jones wrote:
> > As I was maneuvering back into the fast lane inbetween her
> >and a car in the 3rd lane(it was close, but by no means dangerous, and
> >not even close to making my top 1000 hairy stunts) she decides to high
> >beam ME and ride MY ass!!
> You mean that you didn't quickly turn on your euro rear fog light??? ---
> Their first  reaction is to think you hit your brakes, and one of your brake
> lights is burnt out... duh!

When some dorf pickemup truck tailgates me on a 35mph,
revenue-ehancers-intensive two laner, while I am already doing 45, I
usually drop down to the second without touching the brakes. (Without
getting involved in an old discussion, which I have successefully
managed to avoid, I'll just state the obvious: Yes, you do need to know
how to double clutch in order to do that).

Now, what happens is that shmuck suddenly sees the red Audi's *ss,
rapidly approaching him without the brake light warning, and that *ss is
screaming "go for it, I need a down payment!". Mind you, dorf's brakes
ain't no match for Audi's also, and he knows it. 

Believe me, it usually has a_very_sobering_effect. I have yet to see a
dude, who wouldn'd try to drive his huge brake pedal (out of those only
two that he has and knows) through the floor and drop back by good 20
metres immediately!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ