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Re: Brake Bleeder Adaptor (was Brake fluid replacement)

David Weiss wrote:

> Couldn't hold pressure w/ two adaptors on two cars-- '89 200Q and '93
> 90.  On the 200Q, got some leakage around the base of the cap, and then
> the cap quickly popped off, squirting brake fluid.  Tested one cap on
> the 90 w/ air, but it popped off at about the same pressure.)

Same here. Had quite a geizer the last time I used it.

> I'll have to check the pressure gauge on the bleeder.  At 5 psig
> (indicated) there is very little flow at the calipers, so I _assumed_ it
> was close enough for jazz.  I use about 15 psig (indicated).  No leakage
> w/ the metal cap, though, and the Mac guy was familiar w/ the problem...

Can you tell me the source/ P/N for the metal cap?

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ