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Re: steering wheel washers

Ken wrote:
> While I don't know nearly as much as some of us listers, I do know that
> both washers face the same way, convex from the drivers seat
> perspective.  That's how mine were, and I know mine were factory fresh
> when I got to them, because when I was done, they definitely didn't look
> the same!

      That is how I put them back on earlier in the night . . . I
assumed that was most logical. The first time I pushed them on, they
flew back off(luckily I was not looking right at them)! I think I have
them on securely now, but am worried about the upper and lower portions
of the steering column - the two pins don't seem to be in their
respective holes all the way. I clamped the two columns together at that
joint and proceeded to hammer the washers onto the shaft, but have not
gotten either the washers or the two pins to a satisfactory point(IMHO).
Is this critical. . . I assume it is somewhat. . .but as long as the
pins connecting the two sections of the column together are coming out
the other side of the plate, the column should be solid, correct?! Even
with space(about 1/8 inch) between the two plates(one w/ two pins(male)
and the other w/ two holes(female)), I should be alright, true? Sorry
about beating this question to death, but am fairly convinced the
steering column should be assembled properly! So if anyone can offer
advice on whether to MAKE SURE they are touching one another or just to
mount the steering wheel and start driving, I will be very thankful!

> BTW, is there a "right" way to remove them?
      The "washers?"  I don't think so - I just butchered them off.