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Hello and help A4!!

hello everyone,

	First of all I want to introduce myself to the mailing list my name is
Carlos Rodriguez and I have a 96 Pearl White Audi A4 in Miami. Sorry but it
is not a Quattro due to money situations. Well anyways I was interested in
knowing if anyone knows of good web sites or places to get performance
parts for the audi A4. Also I saw a yellow A4 at the dealer with a
beautiful spoiler kit on the front, back and even the sides but I also
found out it cost 1,300 dollars and I want to know if anyone knows of a
cheaper alternative. I am also interested in getting the sides of my door
panel turned into leatherette like the 97 models, does anyone know of an
aftermarket kit or something because I am having a hard time keeping this
part of my car clean. Also if anyone has a good word in Audi I have a few
criticisms on my car but please don't get me wrong I love my car but I want
audi to improve on what they are doing. First of all the emergency brake is
very hard to reach when the armrest is down on the A4. Also it is really
hard to reach the buttons for lowering the rear windows from the drivers
seat. Audi was very smart in putting their one touch windows down system on
the car but they forgot a very important detail it is very easy for someone
to press a button when leaving the car and even it is easy to forget to put
a window up on the car. When I lock my audi and by mistake have one of my
windows down the alarm activates but meanwhile one of my windows is down
and my car is open to burglars and worst of all this hasn't happened but if
it rains it is really going to be a mess. It would be a good Idea if either
the alarm will not activate when the windows are down or when you press the
lock button automatically the system makes sure all the windows are up and
if they aren't the system will take care of putting the windows up. It
can't be too hard because by closing the car with the key this already
takes place. One more I have a big problem people stare at my car too much
people in porsche 911s give me compliments and they stop me everywhere for
compliments (this sentence was a joke I actually like it).I hope you guys
take these into consideration at Audi. Besides all this I want to Applaud
Audi on their excellent job they did a great job on producing a beautiful
eye turning luxury sedan which I can't get my hands off of.

				Carlos Rodriguez