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no takers on the blower motor?

Hi all,

I recently asked a question on blower motor removal, the point being that
my car has no a/c and would that change the setup and/or procedure? No-one
answered, has it gone unnoticed or is everyone sick and tired of this
subject? I've got time on my hands now and I'd like to repair all
irritating things on my car before I need to drive it for great distances

On another, non-related, subject: can anyone recommend a procedure for
removing sillicone-based stuff like Armor-all of bumber covers, mirror
housings etc?
I'd like to paint part of my bumpers and mirrors body colour (as on the 90
models, and by special order on 80s as well)


1988 80 1.8S (been washed, vacuumed, engine cleaned, now looking for more jobs)

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

            Osborn's Law: Variables won't, constants aren't.