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Re: What's up with MB?

> Still pondering as to why Audi does not advertise on the network stations,
> I was quite surprised with flurry of MB TV ads. No taste, no class, no
> central theme -- except that these seems to be made with huge budget. I
> couldn't recall anything specific except the MB logo at the ad's end.
> What's up with them? Is their sales slipping? Why are they suddenly
> advetising? In one night, I think I've seen FOUR different TV commercials
> from them! Wow... Very impressive budget.

Actually, I love the MB commercials. The older one with the voice-over
singing "O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?" is very tasteful.
The new one with the campy little song that neatly describes their
entire product line borders on genius.

The Audi ads are pretty good, too, if a little tamer these days.

I see about the same numbers of both; maybe 1-2 per month.


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