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Motoring News- no Audi content(USA listers)

The Supreme Court has ruled that from now on an officer can ask that all
passengers get out of a vehicle without reason or probable cause for any
traffic related stop. The justices stopped short of Attorney General
Janet Reno's request to detain driver and passengers without specific
charges being brought against them for an unspecified amount of time.
 Two justices voted against this action stating it is an intrusion on a
passenger's liberty and right to privacy. These two justices are of
course correct but that hasn't stopped this latest wave of
constitutional infringement by the Reagan/Bush/Clinton administrations.
 This latest ruling is to better protect the officer from passengers
with concealed weapons. Come on! This is nonsense. An officer has better
odds of being injured by his/her own spouse in a domestic dispute then
in a traffic stop. This is a fact. (MY opinion - I think Reno is a
jack-booted-thug and the justices have failed to uphold the
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