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Re: Need 87 5KTQ elec. coolant pump

In a message dated 97-02-20 12:50:56 EST, russ.s.southerlin@den.mmc.com

<< Does anyone out there have an aux. electric coolant pump for the turbo 
 that runs after a hot shutdown? Is it really necessary for this pump 
 to be operational (mine is bypassed right now after the plastic 
 fitting broke)? After inspecting it I found it was frozen up anyway.
How long do you want your turbo to last?  Do you always allow your car to
cool down after a run for 2-4 minutes before shutting it off?  I didn't think
so.  The old Chrysler/Dodge 400ES(?) turbos had that admonishment in their
owners manual, so as to prolong turbo life.  Since real life ain't
theoretical, I'd recommend installing a new/used auxiliary pump.  But that's
JMHO YMMV (pun intended).

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 V8Q 163K+
85 4KQ 130K