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1983 UrQ Wiring, HELP.

I have accidentally done a bad thing. My car had the seatbelt warning buzzer 
relay removed by the previous owner. I was using the black and blue positive 
wire to this relay connection as a 12v test line to check another circuit. I 
accidentally grounded it out, long story, and now the warning lights, turn 
signals, handbrake light and fuel gage don't work. In addition the car will 
start but the battery warning light stays on. From the '84 data I can see that 
somehow these circuits are connected. The '84 shows this line as solid black 
but mine's black/blue. I don't want to drive it until I get this figured out. 
No visible fuses are blown so at best it's a relay, at worst, well I don't 
want to cry. Can someone with the illusive wiring diagram for a 1983 UrQ make 
a guess at what I have shorted out. Thanks so much.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.