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Re: Motoring News - Reformulated gas study results(no Audi content)

> Okay, never one to pass up new motoring news, as you all may have
> figured out here is some results
> from a recent study sponsored by California Department of Transportation
> (Caltrans, the department of no mistakes), the U.S. Department of
> Transportation and the California Air Resource board. In other words
> this is a report that support the government view.

<<< BIG SNIP >>>

> I'm not knocking the benefits to the air but I due question the results.
> You can find these articles in the San Jose Mercury News web page.

... on the local TV news last night there were a couple of stories about
this study and RFG-II.  The first report stated that the results of the 
tunnel tests are inapplicable to air quality in other situations as the 
air temperature is higher in a tunnel as compared with external situations.
I surfed across the story so I don't know if they had any other issues with 
the report.  The second story is that the new gasoline has had the result 
of increasing the levels of MTBE in lakes and reservoirs markedly over the 
short term that RFG-II has been in year round use.  Apparently the levels 
in some lakes is approaching half the CA maximum levels (which would be 
~1/20 of federal max level).  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)