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Re: remote locking sends power windows up

I don't remember who origionally posted this message, but someone
mentioned that they wanted to connect their windows to the remote
locking mechanism so they would go up when the car was locked.

While not exceptionally easy (but what is), this does seem pretty
do-able.  I don't know how the power windows work on the A4, but since
they are auto-up, at least in the front (? at least in one window) there
will be a sensor in those windows that will tell the car that they are
all the way up, so it knows when to stop rolling them up for the auto-up
function.  The first thing you would need would be to put one of these
on each window; this would serve two functions--it would tell the car if
the windows were not up, and if they were not it would tell the car when
to stop rolling them up when it started (am I making sense at all here? 
It all makes sense to me...).  If the sensor was inconveniently
complicated one could be fabricated with a standard lever switch.
Next you would need an actuator: you could tap into the actuator for the
door locks here, actually.  Again I'm not familiar with how the A4
locking system works, but I'm guessing that when the remote button is
pressed, the locking system gets a pulse, possibly 5V logic, which tells
it to lock the doors.  You could tap in to the system there, so the
pulse also went to your circuit, which would go through this procedure
(for each window at the same time):

-is the window all the way up?
	-if it is then send back null logic, "don't roll me up."
	-if it is not:
		-while the window is not rolled all the way up:
			-roll up the window

This would be fairly easy to implement circuitry-wise, with probably 1
small board, a few flip-flops, and some other assorted logic items. 
I've not thought about this in depth, maybe tomorrow during the day I'll
think about it some more and play with a circuit diagram.  For those of
you who aren't engineers: this would probably involve $15 or so worth of
electrical parts, not including actually mounting the sensors for the
windows.  All it assumes is the voltage pulse from the remote system. 
Maybe someone has a manual to verify this?

If people are still interested I can post a little more detail otherwise
I'll quit gabbing...