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re:Motoring News - Reformulated gas study

*much snippage*
"........from a recent study ......
Pollutant                 1994-95  1995-96
- ---------------------------------------------------------------
Volatile organic
compounds               -6%        -24%

Uh oh, better lay off those cheese & bean burritos! :-O

(Audi content) FWIW I've noticed a 10% drop in fuel mileage in my 80
since the "winter blend" came out. Yeah,  like I suddenly started to
drive like a maniac, carry  a full carload,  use my A/C, and drive
uphill!. Who's funding your research LLNL? Nice fat checks from Exxon

The nice thing about statistics, (is that) you can pretty well make it up
as you go to fit your point of view.