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More Quattro Photos Online

Howdy listers, 

I have posted a few more Quattro Photos--inlcuding the Quartz concept car,
and a
cutaway tech detail of the URQ at:


I probably should have asked this BEFORE posting this modest "page," but
anyone interested in these? I think I received but one response to my
original post (yo, Allan!), and I'm not going to set up a log file for the
monetti/audi site, so will have no way of knowing if you all are visiting.  

Let me know--if no one's interested, I probably shouldn't bother, after 
all, I already have the photos to look at!  (if you want any full
sized--some are over 500k--let me know and I will arrange to email you a
compressed file--I don't want to hassle the web server here too much). 

Thanky panky,

Jonathan Monetti
86 Coupe GT 82k