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Re: Brake Bleeder Adaptor (was Brake fluid replacement)

Igor Kessel wrote:
>Can you tell me the source/ P/N for the metal cap?

The company is AST.  The adaptor is stamped "TA 18", that may be the
P/N. It comes sans quick-conect plug, threaded 1/4 NPT.  SnapOn bleeders
require "T" style, others are different.  Any auto parts store should be
able to fix you up if you bring in the bleeder.
I got mine adaptor by flagging down a Mac truck.  AST has their own
catalog.  Two SnapOn dealers I talked to didn't know anything about this
company, but SnapOn's (800) folks can get it, if you tell them "AST" and
"41 mm dia".

Dan Hussey wrote me off-line:
>AST is in Colorado (Boulder?) and their number is 1-800-525-2943


--Dave Weiss
    '91 V8 5-spd
    '93 90 CS UnQ