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Re: Am I Just Lucky?

In a message dated 97-02-20 22:35:47 EST, you write:

<< You are right.  Steve Bucholtz also pointed out that the wrench 
 attachment point is not in line with the bolt; therefore, it's a 
 lever/torque amplifier.  Weird!!  Guess they figure that 258 +/- is 
 the heaviest wrench available, so they came up with a device to add 
 I used a bit of anti-sieze on the bolt, and put at least 100 pounds 
 of heft on it at the end of a 4-foot pipe.  That's LOTS of torque any 
 way you measure it.  I doubt if it comes loose.
Being one that owns 1079, I can certainly measure it for you and the "at
bolt" torque can be figgrd....  I would make a habit of cking it once in a
while for the first 2k miles....  After that the bolt should be "rusted" in
properly....  I actually had one that was only finger tight when it showed up
at my garage door...  My advice was to let the mechanic that did the work (at
an outrageous price btw) pay for a new motor...  The guy chose to have me
tighten it....  Neat stuff

BTW, 1079 uses a 3/4 in torque wrench, that's some expensive toolage....