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Motoring News- no Audi content(USA listers)

In message <970221010156_1481185923@emout17.mail.aol.com> VINCELYONS@aol.com writes:

> Across the pond if I understand correctly, only your criminals carry guns. 

No longer true - all of the major police forces have "armed response units".  
The cars are easy to identify if you know what to look for.  They carry Heckler 
& Koch carbines and wear body armour.  Their guns are kept in a kind of 
armoured locker between the front seats.  Liverpool police, in particular, 
used their armed response units at several thousand incidents last year, but no 
shots were fired.

> The second ammedment to the Constitution of The United  States of America
> gives every law abiding citizen of the United States the right to keep and 
> bear arms.

If you think about what the authors of that constitution were trying to 
achieve, it's logical for them to have put that clause in.  Their tyranny, at 
that time, had a _foreign_ source.  Whether it's still appropriate with a 
wholly _domestic_ government is another issue.

> Your way if I understand it correclty considers the people to be granted 
> privalege by the government or the crown.

Yeah.  Every few hundred years we chop the incumbent's head off, just to keep 
their successors awake.   Must be about due ...

> Now what was it you were saying, something about not being controlled ?  
> There was something too about not yielding cival liberties wasn't there. Hmm,
> Saturday morning I'm going to grab the 12, throw it in the Quattro and take a
> ride out to the State Park.  I think I'll shoot a box of clays ... 

Nothing to stop me doing that, as long as I'm more than 200 yards from a public 
highway and not endangering anyone.

> Perhaps you consider your nations ways better, perhaps they are for you. 
> But not for me.

Different.  There's a lot to criticise on both sides.  Right now (today) the UK
courts are correcting a major miscarriage of justice known as the "Bridgewater 
Three" case.  It was the "Bridgewater Four", but they've been in jail eighteen 
years and one died.  We also have no Freedom of Information Act ...

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club