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Re: Exploding Cats

At 06:43 AM 2/21/97 -0700, Brendan Rudack wrote:
>On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Tim Reilley wrote:
>> I am talking about real cats.  How do you keep these beasts away from
your car?  Aside from shooting or blowing them up, how do you get rid of
them?  I have seen sonic devices that keep mice and other rodents
away(mexican chuauas) but is there anything that works on cats?  I am quite
serious about this.  My driveway is dirt and the neighbors cat gets all
muddy and walks around on my car.  I am about to buy a new one and I think I
may kill it if I see it on it.
>A small saucer of ethylene-glycol should do the trick....  Sweet to taste,
>not to healthy for you though. :-)
OK--now while I try not to make a habit of involving myself in most of these
conversations, I must comment on this.  While I completely understand the
original poster's concerns and am by no means a fan of cats (can't stand
them, actually), I think the original poster was asking for *NON-LETHAL*
means of keeping the cats away from his car.  I have had the paint ruined on
one car by cats jumping on it and using their claws when they jump.  They
leave bunches  little cuts in the paint on the edges of the roof and hood.
Absolutely infuriating!!!  However, I don't think I would stoop to killing

The post about the ethylene glycol is tanamount to instuctions for animal
abuse.  Lest you forget, not only the target cats might drink it (and die a
very nasty death), but other animals, dogs included, might have a go at it.
Would you like to be responsible for the death of your neighbors' kids'
dogs?  Not I.  This solution is more destructive than constructive.

Having said that, I've long restled in my mind with the problem of keeping
cats off my cars.  I thought that a detachable *mild* electric current from
an auxillary battery might do the trick.  Lead it to the frame/body panels.
Touch it and *zap*.  That'd do the trick.  Never got around to actually
setting it up.

Good luck to the original poster with the problem.  It is really aggravating.

Achille Riviello
83 4000s (outside)
96 A4Q (in the garage--away from cats)
various HKs
"In a world of compromise, some don't."--HK