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Top Ten Custom Audi List

I hope you will all excuse my giddyness, but I have been 
up late at night reading too many crazy car books, and
I have devlope a case of the "I wanna's"  Heres what I want...

1.	A freon based intercooler for my Ur-Q to run 20 psi

2.	A 200 Wagon with no cat and a pikes peak style fuel injector
	mounted up stream of the turbo so I can shoot flame out the back 
	like the batmobile.

3.	A 4000K Quattro with a K-27 Turboed 10 valve motor and all 
	Plumbing and engine work to match it.

4.	A trick 16 valve quattro rally car like Ron Wood runs
	with air to water injection, 2000# wet, and 300 hp.

5.	A Sport Quattro, bone stock with 20,000 miles (for $15K).

6.	MTM tweaked A4 1.8 with 293 HP, or a large sack of gold

7.	Twin Turbo A6 V-6 running M85 gasahol and 18 pounds of boost.

8.	Miller Cycle twenty valve 90 quattro Coupe using a supercharger
	and a big nose mounted intercooler with a proper hacked ECU
	Turning 300 HP with full track suspension and tires.

9.	V-8 Quattro with twin turbos running wet nitrous into both banks

10.	400 hp 20 vavle, CNG powered Quantum Synchro Wagon
	with sequential turbo and supercharging, with a baby seat.

   :-)      :-)      :-)      :-)      :-)      :-)      :-)      :-)