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RE: 1986 4000csq questions and such

The 86 4000 CS did not have 5k wheels, it had 4kQ wheels.  The difference 
being a 4x108 mm bolt pattern rather than the standard 4k using a 4x100 mm 
bolt pattern.  This was due to the 4 wheel disc brakes, which Audi used the 
parts from the 4kQ to accomplish.

According to the local dealer, the 87 4kQ CS and 5kQ were no different than 
the S model, the CS being nothing more than a lame attempt to make people 
believe there was a difference.  Another one of Audi's great marketing 

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<<   Hey Dustin,

      I have the same car, as I believe a number of listers do.

      I don't think CS means turbo on a 5000.  I think CS does mean 5
      cylinder on a 4000.  All 4000Q's were 5 cylinder in the US. >>

In response to:

<<Hi, I am a 16 year old proud new owner of a 1986 4000cs quattro.  It has
    146k and a good rust free body. The interior is pretty good.  I have
    some basic questions.  First off, I know the CS on a 5000 means it is a 
    turbo.  Does it mean on the 4000 that it is a 5 cylinder? >>

( At least in USA market)
In 1986 the CS was the model that was "Commemorative Series" to
celebrate the 100th anniversary of the horseless carriage.   On a 4k
CS's have the 5k wheels, rear disc brakes. beyond that on 4kq's and
5k's & 5kq's CS I think was just a little different trim level and the cars
tended to be a bit more upscale... maybe heated seats, or ski sack or
cold weather package, hot & cold folding doors & power pick your
nose & stuff like that.  The '86 CS had been so popular they
were afraid to do anything but continue it in 1987.

About that 4kcsq...

I've owned 2 4kq's  and in my opinion 1st & 2nd gears were made to pull
tree stumps or to get the hole shot at Pike's Peak....  My 5ktq is much
kinder and gentler on the tach.
To drive the 4kq with any kind of umph... ya gotta make a lot of RPM's...
BIG R's need good cam belts and there should be clean oil showing on
the dipstick.  You should spend the money for the factory oil filter, it's

Unless the race is on a frozen lake or around a decreasing radius turn
the VW will be faster.

Look over the mounts for the rear differential, the motor mounts & the
trans mounts, the control arm bushings, front & rear, all the CV's and ball
the REAR shock top mounts and if all is well live with noise, patience will
reward you.  Eventually you can pick up whatever parts fall
off on the driveway or highway, take them to the dealer and have them
See, problem solved.

Vince Lyons