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Re: EuroCarFinder is Debugged!

The New A6! I love the details on this car!

The TT-style taillights,
the tasteful chrome strip on the trunk,
the nicely rounded decklid,
the chiseled grill and headlights,
the new-Audi profile,
the clean door cut lines,
the well integrated side moldings,
the sweep of the lower black area into the bumpers,

Wow! This car puts the A8 to shame!

Bert Chen

>Stephen Pitts wrote:
>> Steve Pitts
>> P.S.  Look for offical Audi picture of the New A6 at the
>>          Photo Album page
>Just saw the picture, quite a difference from my '95.  I don't think it 
>will be mistaken for anything else.  Very A4 like.  I like the side 
>greenhouse, very cool.  Can't wait to see one in person.
>Just my thoughts.
>Rusty Schlacke