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Re: Handbrake not working - calipers out

From: VINCELYONS@aol.com

>>But now I am wondering, what does "calipers" stuck mean? >>

>It means money !

>How much money?

>ALL of the money. Absolutely ALL of it, bring it all, don't leave any at

Good advice!!

>If those funny levers that pivot in the caliper housing are at fault, the
>must go, ( see above coments pertaining to money ).  If anyone has ever 
>an effective way of freeing them up forever, I for one would be grateful.

I posted this a long time ago but it is still relevent provided you have the 
older calipers that have removable parking brake mechanisms - 3 bolts.

I have rebuilt two parking brake mechanisms (pbms), one on an '84 80q and 
one on an '83 Avant.  The problem on both of these was a large build up of 
rust and crap around the top of the pbm shaft.  If your calipers has the pbm 
held on by three bolts, then it is easy to dismantle and rebuild.  If it has 
rusted, you will almost certainly shear the bolt holding the return spring, 
but you can remove the remainder of the bolt with a vice grips.

Rotate the shaft until the retaining stud (with the hemispherical head) is 
next to the cutout.  Remove the cup and the small rod that pokes the back of 
the piston and prise the shaft of the pbm upwards out of the body of the 

If however, you have a one piece calliper, then I don't know if the pbm can 
be removed or not.  Remember to check that the handbrake cable isn't seized.

Best of luck.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant

p.s. In the UK, you can buy exchange calipers for about GBP80