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Re: Exploding Cats

>I am talking about real cats.  How do you keep these beasts away from =
>your car?  Aside from shooting or blowing them up, how do you get rid of =
>them?  I have seen sonic devices that keep mice and other rodents =
>away(mexican chuauas) but is there anything that works on cats?  I am =
>quite serious about this.  My driveway is dirt and the neighbors cat =
>gets all muddy and walks around on my car.  I am about to buy a new one =
>and I think I may kill it if I see it on it.

Be ***VERY*** careful with this thread... on the British Cars List (of
which I'm also a member) a similar thread ended in a shootout between
cat-lovers and cat-haters... more humans than cats kicked the bucket as a
result... you have been warned!

My $0.02: try a car cover, keeps your car nice and clean into the bargain.

Tom (washing my car weekly to get rid of grubby cat marks)

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

            Osborn's Law: Variables won't, constants aren't.