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Re: Green Horn brake job

At 12:50 PM 2/21/97 -0600, you wrote:
>The check brake pad light is on in our recently purchanse 86 5ks.  I am
>working up the courage to look into this fix myself.  Any pointers for this
>as I prepare to take off the front wheels for a peek? There are no leaks.
>Just the light on.

The sensors are series connected. The light comes on when the connection for
either sensor wears thru. To check system, unplug both connectors and either:
1. Shove a straight pin thru the two wires on each.
2. cut off a piece of hookup wire and insert into the plug on each connector.

If the light goes out, the sensor is bad because:
1.  The pads are shot.
2.  The sensor is shot.
3.  It hates you.

If the light doesn't go out (BTDT), you have an open somewhere else. You can
either spend megabucks and/or megatime tracking it down and fixing it, or
I'll give you the terminal numbers on the computer to jumper it and you can
resolve yourself to look at your brake pads every 6 months like people
should do anyway.

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