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Re: Mobil 1 -Reply

I'm new to the Quattro list.  I am a soon to be graduate in Manufacturing
Engineering probably going to either Portland Oregon or Albequerque NM.
I'm hope to get an A4 1.8 T Quattro if all works out well.

With response to the Amsoil questions.  I have used Amsoil motor and trans
fluid in everything from early 80's 8 valve Saab 900 Turbos to late 9000
16 Valve turbo Saabs as well as my daily driver/autocrosser Yugo GV.
Normal 10/30 Amsoil in the Saabs with ATF Amsoil in the 9000, and 20/50
Series 2000 Racing Oil in the Yugo with 80/90 Amsoil gearlube.  I
generally change oil 5,000 miles in Turbo's and 10,000 miles in little
Yugo which works out to about 1 year or 20 autocross/roadrace play days.

I hope this helps,

Chris Hartman
'86 Yugo GVA
'87 Yugo GV
'74 Saab 99 EMS
'60 NSU Sports Prinz
'97 Audi 1.8T Quattro------soon to be------