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Re: Am I Just Lucky?

In a message dated 97-02-21 16:49:02 EST, you write:

<< >> I used a bit of anti-sieze on the bolt, ...
 >The German documentation says to use "an anti-corrosion compound".
 What is anti-corrosion compound?  Zinc primer?  Copper Ease?  Grease?
I personally have used 242 for years, though Bentley calls for Loctite 573 or
equivalent...  Either should be well spread, what you want to avoid is water
in the threads and the bolt head contact to the pulley....  You are not doing
this to "lock" more to make water "tight".....  Do NOT use A.S., primer,
grease or stud and bearing stuff....  These will either dictate a freewheel
valve problem, or in the case of S&B, you will never get the bolt off.......

Still looking for my 2079....  Hmmm well here's a cool turbo I found in the