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Re: CGT's not so well after all

Dear Lord, fix Allan's Coupe!

Will that help?  :)

Jonathan Monetti
86 Coupe GT, 82k

>Date:	Fri, 21 Feb 1997 05:57:05 -0500
>From:	Allan Jones <ampj@tiac.net>
>Sender:	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>To:	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Subject:	CGT's not so well after all
>Hi all,
>	Last time I wrote to you as a group I was practically in tears of joy
>over the fact that my Coupe was operational again and I had a renewed
>vigor towards maintaining it. Well how quickly things can change. Is it
>common for most of you listers that when you fix one thing, you break
>two? It is for me! I r'd/r'd the ignition switch module on my '86 Coupe
>GT and when done putting all back together, I find out the door ajar/key
>in ignition beeper relay sounds the beep(bee-arw  bee-arw bee-arw
>bee-arw . . . .) whenever a door is open regardless of key being in or
>out of the ignition. That is not what is supposed to happen, is it?
>         That is not a major bummer, though. While going over everything
>to get it roadworthy after completing the r/r, I decide to check if my
>PIAA combination driving and fog lights are in working order since when
>my car became disabled several weeks ago, both the driving lightbulbs
>were working but only one of the ion crystal fogs were working.  Well, I
>flick the toggle and pop! Both driving bulbs instantly crack the lenses
>from top to bottom! *&#!@!* THAT is a MAJOR bummer! I had been reading
>the A6 bulb upgrade thread and remember the author stating he had good
>luck w/ PIAA representitives, but I deleted the posts. Could the author
>of such posts please come forward(or a lister forward me his post(s)) to
>discuss possibilities with me? Thank you IA.
>         There *is more*, and this is where I NEED HELP. It seems that
>after sitting idle for several weeks, my Coupe developed a major
>grinding/rubbing in the front susp. or braking system and increased
>frequency of pulsations w/ speed while causing great friction! Above 75
>MPH I can barely proceed w/o major vibration in steering wheel, gas
>pedal, AND overall chasis! I presently have several thoughts:
>                1)Yokohama A-509's are very low on tread and could
>possibly have slipped a belt or two?(very unlikely since it would not
>result in the feeling of friction/also believe very low tread on any
>tire could not cause the amount of noise I am encountering)
>                1a)wheels are out of balance(I think they are but the
>symptoms are far worse than an out of balance wheel or two.
>		2)front caliper(s) is(are) frozen against warped rotor?(questionable -
>rotor(s) is(are) definitely warped though)
>                3)axle shaft(s) is(are) faulty and grinding?
>                4)C.V. joint(s) is(are) failing?
>                5)bearing(s)
>		6)something WORSE! Uh OOHHH!!
>		7)combination of any or all of the above(Ugh!)
>I am going to N.T.W. to get a free estimate today and will post to the
>list what they give as a diagnosis. If anyone on the list thinks he/she
>can diagnose with more info, e-mail me and I will work with you. Talk to
>you all later, hopefully with good news, relative to my situation!
>				Pray for her.
>						Allan
>p.s. After driving two totally different cars(a '95 Corsica and a '95
>Eclipse) for several weeks while my Audi was sidelined, several
>revelations came to me yesterday while driving my CGT, but that is a
>post for later today.			C Ya!