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VINCELYONS@aol.com wrote:

> As of Wed. run ( all I have with me )  I had 10 in stock. If I order more
> on Monday and 410 (Cranburry Depot) has stock they will be in Tues AM.
> Call on Monday, 610-279-4100,  I'm usually in Parts although sometimes
> I'm glued together.
> Vince Lyons


you wouldn't be Vince Lyons, the Don Rosen Posche-Audi parts manager,
would you?


Some 4 years ago I had a hydrolic clutch problem with my then '85 5000s.
When I took the sys apart, I realized that I couldn't get away with just
an MC rebuild kit and a new Slave Cyl, but I also needed a pressure
hose. I also needed it right away to finish the damn car, coz it was the
only car in the household at the time, and I was renting an Escort
during the Audi's downtime.

Vince did not only manage to locate the ONLY(!) hose in existence in the
whole Tri-State area (PA, NJ and DE), but he also stayed fo 40min later
and waited for me that Fri night, while I was making my way through the
crippled rush hour PA trnpk diametrally across town. It had let me
finish the job over the weekend and saved me $50 on a car rental.

Thanks again, Vince!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ