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Mustangs and Quattros/All over again.

Allan, The confusion is of my making. When I wrote "Ford Man" I was 
generically addressing the the poor mustang fellow you beat to a cyber 
pulp (he had it coming). You made it _very clear_ from your reponse to 
"Ford Man" that you are firmly on the Audi side of the fence. I wrote 
my previous mail the way I did on the off chance that you felt 
compelled to forward parts of my message to you and the list, to the 
blue oval ogre. While we are confessing, like seemingly half of 
America, we bought a Ford Taurus Wagon in 1988. It's almost a decade 
old and its still rolling along. On the other hand, my brother bought 
a 1990 Taurus wagon and he had so many problems with it, he dumped it 
as soon as the warranty ran out. In any event, as much as I like our 
Taurus Wagon, it cannot hold a candle to my '91 200 TQW. Take care!