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Re: Mobil 1

The only diffrence between synthetic oil and regular is that syntheics 
are able to keep correct viscousity in a wider temperature and pressure 
range and sythetics don't degridate as fast. Period! Nothing else.
I don't see how synthetics can or can not be recommended. This is what 
they are and if you want - use them. If you don't - don't!


On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Allan Jones wrote:

> > strictly "boy racer" type cars.....Audi IS NOT.....
> > Audi make some of the most practical and responsible cars on the road....
> > and DO NOT recommend synthetic oils in the engine.....the engine is not
> > designed for it
> 	Just want to state for the record, I, and dare I say most enthusiasts,
> do not think of Porsches as "strictly "boy racer" type cars." 
> 	Audi engines may not be designed for synthetic oils, but aren't
> synthetic oils designed for engines?! Just a thought - I know next to
> nothing about the subject.
> 					Allan