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Motoring News- no Audi content(USA listers)

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> My mistake, I was under the impression that the you had to keep your
> weapons or ammo at the constabulary or an organized, regulated club
> under big locks with few keys.

Not always.  It's easy to get a "Shotgun Certificate", especially if
you're a farmer.  They're generally not refused if you have no criminal
record.  Pump-action guns are regarded as "firearms", not as "shotguns".

A "Firearm Certificate" is different.  It details the weapons you're
allowed to hold by serial number, and also limits your ammunition
holding.  Again, a responsible individual who is a member of a
recognised gun club and is certified by the club as an active member
will be allowed to hold pretty much what is requested.  There are
limits on automatic weapons, etc.  In parts of the country with local
sport (such as Scotland, for deer stalking) licenses for appropriate
hunting weapons are easier to get.  Ammunition is controlled, and
guns must always be secured.  It's a lot easier to obtain the necessary
certificates if the weapons are to be stored at a gun club.

 Phil Payne

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