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My friend Bart

	Bart, in case you was a wondering [not to be confused with a 
wandering], the sound ya herd a tick ago was me poppin open a cold one in 
your direction.  BRAVO!  You really should come visit us more often.

	Now you guys [and girls] know that I don't rant politics here.  
Ain't the place, I agree.  But, be careful what rights you give up under 
the guise of "that sounds reasonable".  IMHO, emptying Ma, Pa, the kids 
and the dog out of the car to sit under the 55 mph sign is not the way to 
spend a summer vacation.  Brief detention?  Define brief, and then define 
detention.  While you are defining these nebulous little gems, let me 
just ask this:  WTFF?  If Ma was pushin it too hard, giver a summons to 
appear [lovely little words].  Don't make them folks crawl out of the air 
conditioning and sit around gettin pissed.  Life is way too short, and 
worth way too much, to go around thinking up ways to make easy things 
like traffic stops hard.  

	Now, I have a respect for the officers [which does not extend to 
pretty Miss Janet] and the job they sometimes find themselves in.  But, 
based on a whole lot of experience I can tell you flat out the more times 
you yank on the Bluetick's chain while he is comfortable in the 
shade--the higher the probability is that you will find out why he has teeth.

	Sorry for the wasted BW, I seem to be doing more and more these days.