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Re: A4 'Programable' intermittent wiper relay installa

Is this procedure transferable to the 4K/Coupe? I would like to try
this on my '86 Coupe GT.

> >If you are like me and don't care much for the factory standard fixed 5
> >second intermittent wiper time interval on the A4 (other models).  The
> >following explains how to install a 'programable' intermittent relay which
> >will give a intermittent time interval from 5 seconds to over 2 minutes.
> >The time interval is programmed using the wiper stalk switch.
> ---snip---
> >3.  Tilt the lower dash panel downward until you can see the relays.  My
> >relay was white and on the lower row of relays.  The end of it had a large
> >271 on it.  Its part number on the side was 443 955 531.  Remove this and
> >replace it with a 'programable' relay available from the following:
> >
> >Automotive Performance Systems
> >1-800-423-3623
> If this relay swap is the same one I did on my '89 200TQ and if it uses the
> same relay, the new relay is a standard VW part available from your local VW
> dealer's parts department.  Pricing?  You're on your own, here.  As I recall
> from several years ago it was on the order of $25 (???) or so.
> Operation isn't *quite* as simple as described but pretty close.  Delays are
> variable from quite quick to very slow.  Setting the quick interval is easy.
> Setting the slower interval works as easily but the delay isn't quite as
> easily regulated.  However, the delay will be much longer and probably close
> enough to what you want.