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Re: Filtercharging

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<<  spent quite a while back on Prodigy watching the discussions about AMZOIL
 air cleaners, K&N and paper filters on various automotive discussion boards.
 One fellow, in an effort to convince a heavy equipment company operating in
 very dusty conditions to lower costs by using servicable air elements
 conducted some tests to convince them that the reusable ones were more
 economical.  But the test backfired.  All the reusable filters let too many
 silicates (read dust) through the elements.  The paper ones that had to be
 replaced weekly, on the other hand didn't. I've always wondered about that.
 Now I know.  
          As a >>

If you run a N/A car, forget the K&N.....  IF you run a turbo car, esp a
tweeked turbo car, a K&N is a performance upgrade...  If you are concerned
about all the crap in your intake, get a K&N for the track, run the stock
everywhere else....  The fact that the audis are a "wet" system, not sure
your concerns are really all that founded, but dusty areas deserve special
attention....  A wet (oil) filter is better than a dry one, unless it gets
dry.... Guess what dries it out?  How bout constant dusty conditions, makes
sense (cat litter on oil comes to mind)....  Backfire.....    So, you can, in
a dusty environment, take the filter out every x days and clean and reoil, or
just run the paper and toss it....  I personally have run K&N's on every
vehicle owned, most over 150K (PDQSHIP has 185k on it with mucho mods,
running over 100k with k&n, no head work)....  Wet filters are a maintenance
item, more so than a toss-away dry....  But with common sense and attention
to detail, they provide more protection than a paper filter, as well as
providing some serious hp advantage once you crank the boost knobben.....
 Have reservations, don't do it...  For a construction crew in the dust,
forget it....  ProRally, we ran them all the time, cleaned and reoiled after
every event.....  I always figgr the K&N needs attention to detailing every
oil change....  

There are archives on this subject right here on this list already....  It is
a modification, for a turbo car a smart one, for a N/A car, not really a
difference unless you have a greater demand for air than the stock filter....
 Remember, the demand for air on any tweeked motor (cycle or car) may make
the filter a restriction, btdt....

'87 5ktqRS2 Group "A" chip & mods w/K&N (180k)
'84 UrqRS2 2.3 bar boost & mods w/K&N  (183k)
'85 FJ1100 (1387cc race motor + mods) w/K&N